Today’s Read: What the Political Scientists are Telling Us About the Trump Base

Thomas Edsall, Trump’s Cult of Animosity Shows No Sign of Letting Up

Mr. Edsall provides a fairly extensive review of recent political science analysis of the Trump phenomenon. Well worth a read, IMHO.

Spoiler alert: 6 letters. Begins with “r.”

Other than that, I won’t try to summarize, because summarizing a summary is always problematic. But I will add just a few points.

  1. These are the same people who have been calling biologists stupid for the last 200 years, because biologists espouse the theory of evolution. No wonder they don’t want to believe stupid biologists when they talk of illness and vaccines.
  2. These are the same people who believe that “I AM GOING TO HEAVEN AND YOU, MOST DEFINITELY, ARE GOING TO HELL.” No wonder that they show “hostility to outgroups.” Hostility to outgroups is what their preachers have been preaching for centuries.
  3. The article asserts—correctly, as far as I can tell—that the hard core trump base comprises up to one third of our population. But the article does not address the significant variations in attitude and belief within this one third of our population. I know from experience that you can have a semi-reasonable conversation with some of these folks, some of the time, whereas others are impervious to all reason, all of the time.
  4. According to the article—and, again, it’s correct in my view—up to one third of the population year to impose a dictatorship over the remaining two thirds of the population.

Not happening, folks.

Maybe their actions will bring about the end of democracy and make the United States a failed state. But that failed state won’t be a dictatorship. Because the rest of us aren’t going to let it happen.