Every Day, the Line in the Sand Looks More and More Like an Insurmountable Moat

KATV.com, Arkansas governor ponders future in GOP turned Trumpian

Washington Post, In ramp-up to 2022 midterms, Republican candidates center pitches on Trump’s false election claims

Washington Post, Post-ABC poll: Biden earns high marks for handling the pandemic, but many Republicans resist vaccination

I particularly call your attention to the second article cited above. There, the Washington Post extensively documents how Big Lie supporters are winning Republican primaries, and how the remaining semi-sensible people identifying as Republicans are being driven from the party. Viz. Asa Hutchinson, per the first of the three articles above.

Come 2022, the most backward portions of the remaining Republicans will have been softened up by massive loss of life in the coming delta variant renewed pandemic.

Those who survive will insist on making the midterm election a referendum on the Big Lie.

This will be a successful strategy, but only in the most rural parts of our country.

Ever since our ancestors climbed down from the trees in Africa, those who rationally understood reality and grasped the consequences of their actions tended to survive. Those lacking these skills tended to die.