Southern Baptist Convention Poised to Expel Remaining Christians

Ed Kilgore, The Southern Baptist Church Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

Washington Post, Secret recordings, leaked letters: Explosive secrets rocking the Southern Baptist Convention

N.Y. Times, ‘Take the Ship’: Conservatives Aim to Commandeer Southern Baptists: The insurgents, some adopting a pirate motif, believe that the denomination has drifted too far to the left on issues of race, gender and the strict authority of the Bible.

The message of Rabbi Jesus is hard to ignore. I think of Rabbi Jesus in terms of whack-a-mole: you bat him down over here, and he is going to pop up over there.

Now, those in the Southern Baptist Convention who still value the teachings of Jesus are getting sick and tired of equating Christianity with Trump support and voting Republican. They have lost patience with the folks who are digging as fast as the can, down the right wing rabbit hole.

Meanwhile, those on the other side of the aisle no longer want to worship with any remaining Democrats of Trump doubters in their churches.

The time has almost arrived to draw a line in the sand. Then make it a ditch. Then an insurmountable moat.

Let the folks in the Southern Baptist Convention choose which side of the moat to stand on.

And however many choose to stand on the wrong side—probably the majority of the SBC membership—can enjoy their descent into religious, cultural, and political irrelevance.