The Persistence of Herrenvolk Democracy: You Bet It’s about Race

Wikipedia helpfully informs us that

Herrenvolk democracy is a system of government in which only the majority ethnic group participates in government, while minority groups are disenfranchised. … This elitist form of government is typically employed by the majority group as a way to maintain control and power within the system, and typically coincides with the false pretense of egalitarianism. There is a prevailing view that as people of the majority gain freedomliberty, and egalitarian principles are advanced, the minority is repressed and prevented from being involved in the government.

We read endlessly of the 75 percent or so of people who call themselves Republicans and who have turned their back on democracy.

This is fundamentally wrong. These folks have not changed at all in their views about democracy. Not for the last century. Not for the last two centuries.

What they have always wanted is a herrenvolk democracy. Until very recently, they have had a herrenvolk democracy. And now their herrenvolk democracy is slipping away.

And a violent, insurrectionist reaction is historically inevitable. Historically inevitable, even if Donald J. Trump had perished in his crib.

The Line in the Sand

In his first inaugural address, George Wallace drew a line in the sand and threw down his gauntlet against the forces of tyranny. “Tyranny” meaning the legal requirement to treat Black people equally.

Today, we are once again drawing a line in the sand. And—given the historical inevitability described above—drawing a line in the sand is a very, very good thing. It’s the best thing that could happen, under the circumstances.

On one side of the line: everyone willing to share our country with all its citizens. The folks who–when push comes to shove, and push has by God come to shave–cast their lot with real democracy, not herrenvolk democracy. 

On the other side of the line: everyone willing to revolt to try to preserve herrenvolk democracy, or at least to hold the coats of the insurrectionists.

Thankfully, They’re Drawing it for Us

Our side would need to be about drawing that line in the sand.

Except that the other side is doing that for us, so we don’t have to.

Today’s developments in Texas are a nice step forward.