Satan Freezes as Snowstorm Rages Through Hell

Pretty Much Always in Error, Pretty Much Never in Doubt

It is apparently a cold day down in hell, because I am recommending this piece from smarmy, mostly incorrect, Bill Kristol:

William Kristol, Towards A Real Democratic Majority: Three theses in search of political entrepreneurship.

The piece is short, and I’ll let you read Kristol’s three theses for yourself, if you wish. The gist is that the Republican Party is irretrievably authoritarian, and there is no reasonable prospect for a centrist third party.

Accordingly, to save democracy, and for other good reasons as well, the Democratic Party needs to expand its tent to let in anti-Trump former Republicans, even if they will object to many aspects of the progressive agenda.

For a season, there needs to be one-party government—with room for a variety of views within the one party.

The party of democracy, not the party of autocracy.