Trumped Republicans, Indeed

A few days ago, talking head Jim VandeHei of Axios made a point on the Teevee that I hadn’t focused on before. His point related to the contrasting strategies and perceptions of House Republican leadership and Senate Republican leadership. Over in the House, he allowed, the leadership and the majority of the members have decided to exalt Trump and let him lead them to victory in 2022. But over in the Senate, they just hope desperately that Trump will go away and they can go back to blabbing about the Democrats and their Marxist agenda. As far as I can tell, VandeHei is right in his diagnosis of Republican thinking.

I also call your attention to Jennifer Rubin’s thoughts on todays Ipsos poll.

Here are my thoughts.

One. We should begin by adding a few points to the Trumpy side of things, because we are now confident that Trumpy folks are less likely to talk to pollsters than non-Trumpy folks.

Second. The poll claims to show that 55 percent of all Americans think the election was fair, while 25 percent think it was rigged. 55 and 25 add to 80. So, that would mean that 20 percent of the country is out to lunch. Sounds about right to me.

Third. It isn’t surprising that, if 56 percent of Republicans think that the election results came from “illegal voting and election rigging,” then 53 percent would also believe Trump is “the True President.”

But, if only 25 percent of Republicans say the election was fair, then why do 47 percent of them say that Biden is the True President? Maybe a lot of them are just confused, or maybe a lot of them are just pulling our legs—a possibility which Ms. Rubin emphasizes. Or maybe a lot of them have bought into the voter fraud claims but are unwilling to abandon the processes of the constitutional republic that led to Biden’s inauguration—the voter certifications in the various states, the court challenges, etc.  

Four. The House Republicans want to exalt Trump, which means that the 2022 election will be a referendum on whether our constitutional republic will endure.

The Senate Republicans want Trump to go away. But Trump will not go away, nor will he cease and desist from the Big Lie, or from urging the overthrow of the Republic. The Senate Republicans would like to make the 2022 election something other than a referendum on whether the constitutional republic will endure. But they will not succeed.

And a related point: in 2022 Trump authoritarians like asshole Jody Hice will be trying to take over the machinery of election watching, so that can throw away Democratic votes.

And in some places, Trump authoritarians will have control of voting machinery at the county level, and we pretty much know what they will do.

Five. Yes, yes, yes. Overall, Republican attitudes and delusions as shown in the polls are a terrible, very bad, no good thing.

Six. But, from what we know today, we can predict that a clear choice to overturn or not to overturn the constitutional republic will engender a major internal struggle within the Republican base.