This follows up on the preceding post—which I published in the interest of being fair and balanced. Here are some questions and answers.

Should we be worried about the historical trend that shows the party in power losing the midterm elections?

Answer: No, says Nancy Pelosi and so say I. The political situation in 2022 will be very different, in many ways, from 2010 or 1994. (See, for example, Politico, Teflon Joe muddies GOP’s midterm strategy.)

Should we be worried that the Republicans will gerrymander themselves into control of the House of Representatives?

Answer: Yes, we should. But there are lots of factors that will be militating against complacency by the remaining semi-sensible Republicans, come Election Day. 

Should we be worried that more and more people will believe the Big Lie—and thus be revved up to support Republican candidates in 2022?

Answer: I don’t think so. Maybe three quarters of the shrunken Republican base believes Trump won in 2020. With all the bruhaha that’s already gone on, one would think that the number of idiots has pretty much maxed out.

Should we be concerned that non-Big Lie believing Republicans will “come home” and vote Republican anyway?

Answer: Yes. Definitely a concern.

Should we be concerned about lack of interest on the part of the Democratic base?

Answer: I don’t think so—although right now the polling could be better. The Big Lie, Republican authoritarianism, and the future of Democracy will be on the ballot. I really don’t think our side will let us down.

Benjamin Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

In 2022, we shall see what we shall see.