A Thumbsucker for a Lazy Sunday Morning: The Split Between Big Business and the Republican Base

N.Y. Times, Looking for Bipartisan Accord? Just Ask About Big Business. In surveys and political discourse, Republicans are increasingly critical of corporations, but not for the reasons Democrats have long held that view.

Republicans in Washington and around the country have soured on big business, joining Democrats in expressing concern that corporations wield too much influence. The shift has left corporate America with fewer allies in a tumultuous period for American society and the global economy.

The erosion of support is evident in opinion polls, on cable news and in political campaigning. It is the continued outgrowth of a populist surge among liberal and conservative Americans alike, but it is particularly pronounced on the right and often linked to the grievances of white voters on racial issues.

The article goes on from there, at considerable length, but informative nevertheless.

My Observation

How long will it be before Rick Scott or Ted Cruz or someone else of that ilk decides to get out his bullhorn and demand that Republicans join with Democrats and raise corporate tax rates?

Gotta show all those woke Fortune 500 companies who’s boss, nest-ce pas?