Oh Yes, They’re the Great Pretenders

Jennifer Rubin, Republicans don’t just lie to voters. They lie to themselves.

Jonathan Chait, Elizabeth Warren’s Book Shows She Has No Idea Why Her Campaign Failed

As I have been saying, the 2022 election will be a horrid, reckless experiment in political psychology.

I believe that Kevin McCarthy not only lacks the mental capacity to think three steps ahead, but also that he fundamentally misunderstands the American electorate.

But so, as Mr. Chait points out, does Elizabeth Warren.

And so, maybe, do I. Not to mention Liz Cheney.

But at least I try to look at the evidence and to compensate as best I can for my mental biases.

Senator Warren thinks the electorate is better than it actually is. But Kevin McCarthy is placing a huge, risky bet that enough folks have well and truly gone off the deep end—and have fully embraced their inner assholes.

It’s important for the good guys to embrace neither illusion. 

I believe they will not. I believe they will proceed with eyes wide hope. 

And that they will whup them some ass.