A Circular Firing Squad

More Evidence That Folks Like Kevin McCarthy Just Can’t Think Two or Three Steps Ahead in the Chess Game

Axios, Maryland governor: GOP trying to appease Trump in “circular firing squad”

TPM, Cassidy Pushes Back On Graham Declaring GOP ‘Can’t Grow Without’ Trump

 Senator Cassidy knows that Trump is the scum of the earth and that Joe Biden won the election. But his fondest hope is that Trump will just shut the hell up about the stolen election, that the Trump cultists and the semi-rational Republicans will all put down their AK-47s, sing Kumbaya, and join together to win the 2022 election. Because, he knows, the continued unity of the two Republican factions is the only hope in hell the party has of winning.

I know that’s how he thinks, because he just said so on the teevee, a little while ago.

In contrast, people like Kevin McCarthy think

  • they can lean on folks like Liz Cheney and just get them to shut up,
  • that if folks like Cheney shut up, then Orange Man be appeased, and wlll shut up too—about the stolen election—and go back to bashing black and brown people and baying at the moon about socialism, and that
  • if all the Republicans just stop talking about the Big Lie and “move on,” then victory is theirs in 2022 and 2024.

But Trump is not going to be appeased. And the remaining semi-rational Republicans are not just going to disappear into the woodwork—as witnessed by the Sunday news shows today. And from here to the end of the 2022 Republican primaries, it’s going to be circular firing squad time.

Today, a lot of progressives are busy rending the remaining garments in their wardrobe. “It’s terrible—and it’s horribly dangerous—” they say, “that one of our two political parties has fallen into mass delusion and totalitarian yearning.”

And yes, all that’s right. We are having a no good, terrible, horrible, very bad political season. And yet, friends, the reaction to this horseshit—the reaction that Kevin McCarthy and ilk do not have enough IQ points to anticipate—is surely coming.

The 30 percent, or 40 percent—depending on which poll you believe—of Republicans who don’t believe the Big Lie will not be ignored.

And you had bloody well believe that the Democrats—who often sit out elections in normal times—are going to turn out in droves to keep the Republicans from winning the House so that they can steal the 2024 election.