“As White Power Diminishes, White Supremacy Intensifies”

The quote is from Paul Begala, and appears at the very end of Thomas Edsall, Why Trump is Stil Their Guy. Mr. Edsall’s piece tells you a lot of things that you already knew, and it gives you some political psychology scholarly cites that you probably don’t have.

What Edsall does not do is to offer any suggestions to ameliorate the situation—other than to oppose voter suppressing and kind of wait out the demographic change from a white-dominated society to a diverse society.

One might think the quasi-respectable Right—the Mitch McConnell/Kevin McCarthy/Brian Kemp’s of the world—might do something about the rabid white supremacists on their side of the aisle. But we all know that is absolutely not going to happen.

So what should progressives do, apart from waiting for more diverse babies to be born, grow up, and vote the Democratic ticket?

Here’s what I say. A lot of the white supremacists are beyond salvation. And for those that are beyond salvation, just let them marinate in their own false perceptions of victimhood.

But there are some folks who are on the fence. For those who are not beyond salvation, I hope that a lot of concerted efforts can be made, to try to save them.

For example, some among the Evangelical clergy are actually still Christians.

It would be good if they would speak up.