Plutocracy Versus Republican Voter Suppression

Today, major corporations published an advertisement in the Washington Post opposing voting rights restrictions—and causing further heartache to Mitch McConnell. (It’s reproduced above. in a hard to read form; I have been looking for a text version to respost on this blog.)

Meanwhile, Thomas Edsall sucks his thumb at truly remarkable length on the economics, psychology, and ethics or the corporate progressive position on voting rights.

Now, I am someone who is often criticized for seeing complexity where others see simplicity. And so, I feel uncomfortable claiming that Edsall’s piece aganizes far too much over what is really quite simple. Three points.

One. The individuals who occupy the seats of corporate power, like other members of the human race, vary significantly among themselves in respect of racism (or lack thereof), empathy toward the less fortunate (or lack thereof), and ethics generally. Many of these individuals—“individuals,” I said—are as empathetic and as ethical as you would want them to be.

Two. Whatever their individual ethics and political leanings, the individuals who occupy the seats of corporate power are not going to let their ethics or their politics get in the way of corporate profit.

If they do, they will become former corporate executives. And that right soon.

Three. The reason—and the only reason that matters—for the current corporate push against White authoritarianism is that these folks recognize that embracing White authoritarianism would be the kiss of death for their corporations.

Therefore …

Therefore, the irreconcilable conflict between the two stools of the Republican Party as We Have Known It—corporate greed and White resentment—is proceeding apace.

We can see history accelerating this week.

Humpty Dumpty ain’t gonna be put together again.