My Father Used to Sweat a Lot

pg. 848, Oct. 21, 1876

My father worked hard at his blue collar day job. On the weekends, he usually found some hard physical labor to do around the house or in the garden. I would help him, as best I could. After about two hours, Mamma would bring out some sweet iced tea or lemonade. As we sat down to enjoy our drinks, Daddy would always say, “Son, I’m jest sweatin’ like a —— at election.” I don’t know why, but I never asked him why elections would make Black people sweat.

Greg Sargent, Trump’s big CPAC lie unmasks a vile truth. Democrats ignore it at their peril.

The aforesaid vile truth would be that, as long as they’re the White identity party, Republicans can’t win unless they suppress the Black vote. Sargent: “The former president told his audience that the Republican Party’s success in coming years depends, in no small part, on its commitment to being an anti-democracy party.”

Paul Waldman, Republicans are barking up the wrong voter suppression tree

A political scientist explains why—contrary to Orange Man’s illusions, now adopted by many of his followers—suppressing the mail-in vote is a really piss-poor way to put the thumb on the scales in favor of the Republicans.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia Democrats play hardball to derail GOP voting restrictions

Stacey Abrams is taking names and kicking ass.