A Dime Store Mussolini or an American Victor Orban?

All Things Considered, it may be a Good Thing if Trump Keeps Control of the Republican Party

If There’s Going to be a Big American Fascist Movement—and there is—Better that it be Led by a Clown than by a Competent Authoritarian

As Chris Traux writes,

We are currently in the grip of an American Counter-Enlightenment. The people who support Trump and his attacks on American institutions like to mouth the word “Constitution” but they fundamentally reject the philosophical principles which animate it. In one poll shortly after the sacking of the Capitol, 45 percent of Republicans said they supported the attack. You are not pro-democracy if you want to overthrow our system of elections. You can’t claim to value reason while championing lies and conspiracy theories.

These people are dangerous and if Donald Trump is cast out from American politics, they will find another leader, possibly someone less cartoonish, more intelligent, and in possession of more self-control.

If anything, that could be a worse outcome. Better to be matched against a dime-store Mussolini than an American version of Victor Orban.