Champions and Tribunes of the Working Man: a New Republican Business Model

Three Comments on the Preceding Post

One: the Old Republican Business Model is Dead. Whoever those “top GOP officials” who spoke to Axios may be, they have figured out the same thing I believe I have figured out: that the old Republican politician business model is dead as a dodo and it ain’t coming back.

No more manipulating the unwashed masses to prop up the plutocracy. The unwashed masses are over and done with that game. And the plutocracy now holds its nose when it smells the unwashed masses.

Two: Hurrah for Competition! If Republican politicians now want to compete with Democratic politicians to see which side can best advance the economic interests of the working class, I say, “Go for it.”

Three: A Foreordained Outcome. If it’s a game to see who can best support the economic interests of the working class, the Democrats are always going to win that  game.

Just like the mongoose always kills the cobra.