Time to Pay the Piper

N.Y. Times, Lawsuits Take the Lead in Fight Against Disinformation: Defamation cases have made waves across an uneasy right-wing media landscape, from Fox to Newsmax.

This follows up on the immediately preceding post.

The thought of defamation lawsuits against news outlets makes the New York Times feel like upchucking. And so, this afternoon, in the article cited above, it spends many paragraphs sucking its thumb over the significance of the recent litigation by Dominion and Smartmatic. A central theme is that defamation lawsuits may be used by the Goliaths of the world to crush the upstart dissenting Davids. And so, progressives ought to be cautious about cheering defamation litigation, allows the New York Times.

The reasonable response? Yes, defamation lawsuits can be misused. So can other legal procedures. But if powerful organizations and famous people have decided to lie with impunity, then it is time to make them pay up.