The Infinite Variety of the Trump Voters: The Lessons I Draw

What are we to make of the information presented in the preceding post and the sources it cites? To provoke constructive though, I will ask some questions and provide the best answers I have.

Which Should Worry Us Most, the Nutjobs Among the 74 Million Trump Voters, or Those Who Remain in Contact with Reality?

My answer: the second category, not the nutjobs.

  1. Reprogramming the nutjobs is not possible.
  2. If reprogramming the nutjobs were possible, which it isn’t, it couldn’t be done in a way that is consistent with the Bill of Rights.
  3. If a whole lot of people think that elections are being stolen by space aliens, then many of them will choose not to vote in future elections. This is a good thing. For many reasons, beginning with the fact that they lack the mental capacity to be constructive citizens of the republic and to make minimally informed choices. We can’t deprive them of the right to vote, but if they choose to deprive themselves, that’s fine and dandy.

May We Take it as Given that the Non-Nutjob Trump Voters are Mainly Distinguished by Their (1) Concerns about Immigrants and Immigration and (2) Their Racial Insensitivity, if not Racial Animus?

Yes, I think we can. Based on the recent polling. And based on everything we have seen in the past few years.

What Does That Mean for Progressive Policy on Immigration?

Well, a great deal more than would fit in this post, and a great deal more than I know. As a beginning, though, I would like to know what the progressive position on immigration is. Because right now, I don’t know what it is.

What Does That Mean for Progressive Policy on Race Relations?

Big, big question. But here’s one thought. The great principle of advocacy is, don’t tell ‘em, show ‘em. The current administration needs to understand that lots of people don’t understand the need for police reform, affirmative action, etc. They not only need to do the right thing, they need to keep on showing why the right thing is necessary.

And, maybe, invite lots of White country music people to perform at the White House. It won’t hurt at all to show President Biden being nice to White people and respecting their culture.