Mitch Between Scylla and Charybdis

Washington Post, Senate Republicans move against ‘nutty’ House member in widening GOP rift

The above is only one of many, many news stories and editorials about the apparently growing rift between the Senate Republicans and the House Republicans. Many emphasize the inconsistency, the cowardice, and the hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell and his merry band.

Got it. Mitch is a cynical hypocrite. Dog bites man.

Some of these many articles attempt to reverse engineer what Moscow Mitch is thinking. Some try to predict what Moscow Mitch is doing, and where he is going. None—at least among those pieces I have read—provides an intellectually satisfying explanation.

Mitch is the consummate cynic. He thinks many steps ahead in the chess game. And he did not get where he is today by deluding himself about reality. Sunzi—Old Mr. “Know Yourself Know Your Enemy”—would recognize a kindred spirit. Were those two to hoist a brewski together, they would have a gay old time.

Here is what I think is happening.

  1. Moscow Mitch has figured out that the time for wishful thinking is over. As Georgia and Arizona showed, to his surprise and bitter disappointment, the old alliance of white educated suburbanites and poor white trash is over. You can have one, maybe, or you can maybe have the other, but you can’t have both.
  2. For the type of politician whose ambition is limited to serving in the United States House of Representatives and appearing on Fox News, it’s an easy choice.
  3. For that reason and others, the inmates are just about to complete their takeover of the asylum.
  4. An inmate takeover of the asylum will be the death knell of the Republican Party in the Senate. See Georgia in 2021. See Arizona in 2020. See Wisconsin in 2022. See Wisconsin in 2022. See Pennsylvania in 2022. See Ohio in 2022.
  5. I believe Moscow Mitch knows that it’s five minutes till midnight, and that it may well be too late to stop disaster. I believe he knows he is trying to sail the ship right between Scylla and Charybdis. I believe he knows he may not succeed. But he understands that his only choice is to make a desperate decision—one that might force the crazies out of the Republican Party and into a new MAGA Patriot Party, a new party that would enjoy some limited electoral success, in some places, for a limited period of time. But a party that would draw the craziest of the crazy away from the Republican Party, which would then have slightly more an ice cube’s chance in hell of returning to something like traditional normality.

If my suppositions are correct, then the logical prediction is that Moscow Mitch will vote to convict the Mango Moroni, in the hopes that others will join him, and the God Emperor can be legally barred from running again for public office. 

So we shall see what happens.