Contrary Evidence

Politico, How McConnell is navigating Trump’s trial: Quietly: After an uncharacteristic burst of condemnation, the Senate minority leader is reverting to type.

This post is inconsistent with the views I expressed recently, on what McConnell is doing and what he is thinking. That’s why I bring it to your attention. But I do not retract my prognostication.

I want to invite you to hold a few thoughts in your mind simultaneously, and consider their linkage. The first thought is that the Georgia runoff elections were a terrific experiment in political psychology. This was the question presented:

When you tell a lot of gullible bumpkins that the election was stolen from them, and then offer the stolen election lie as a reason why they should go out and vote in the second election, are they going to believe the first lie or the second lie?

In a remarkable article this morning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution digs into the voting data and comes up with the definitive answer: the bumpkins are going to believe the first lie—that the prior election was stolen—and, so believing, their propensity to vote is going to diminish significantly.

And that means that, if you’re depending on said bumpkins to win the next election for you, then you are in deep doodoo.

Now, what does Moscow Mitch do with this information? You can, I think, bet your last ruble that Moscow Mitch is thinking about the 2022 election this way:

“If we go into 2022 and Orange Man is still blathering about stolen elections, and if Suzy QAnon is just blathering generally, and if Suzy QAnon has become the poster child of the Republican Party, then folks like me can just bend over and kiss our asses goodbye. ‘Cause the yahoos on whom we depend will keep on believing the lie, and lots of them will stay home, and the leftist hoards will overwhelm us.

“So, what to do? What to do?

“Answer: well, the first thing to do is get Orange Man to Shut the Fuck Up about the “stolen election.” And the second thing to do is to get the House Republicans to give Suzy QAnon a big kick in the teeth.

“And what happens if that doesn’t work?

“Well, if that doesn’t work, then more drastic measures will be required.”

At least, I think that’s what he’s thinking.