Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Widening Gyre, and a Bowl of Lentil Stew

Aaron Blake, The GOP’s Marjorie Taylor Greene problem is spinning out of control

Like the QAnon folk and the Stolen Election crowd, I am on the lookout for evidence that supports my working hypothesis. Unlike them, I am also on the lookout for evidence that contradicts my working hypothesis.

In this case, my working hypothesis is that the Republican Party is breaking in two, and that what remains of it, in the short and medium term, will be a cultist remnant that cannot win elections in most places. As I just said, if I find some evidence to the contrary, I promise to report that contradictory evidence eo instante.

In the meantime, we have the case of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who represents the good people of Georgia’s Fourteenth Congressional District—up near Chattanooga, where about 85 percent of the people are White.

Actually, no, she doesn’t represent the good people of that district. They make up about 25 percent of the voters in the district, and they all voted for the other candidate.

Rep. Greene thinks it would be a good idea to lynch President Obama and to shoot Speaker Pelosi. Or, at least, that’s what she says she thinks—and who are we to doubt her word?

Every day that passes from now until the Twelfth of Never, some empty-suited Republican congresspersons are going to be asked whether or not they agree with Rep. Greene’s program of political assassinations. And, if perchance they do not endorse that program, wouldn’t it be a good idea to shitcan her butt right out of Congress? Or at least to censure her in some way?

And every day, the empty-suited Republican congresspersons are going to temporize and weasel their way out of answering those questions.

And why will they do that, dear reader?

They will do that, first of all, because they are empty-suited weasels. And, second of all, because vast hordes of their voters also think it would be a good idea to assassinate leading Democrats. They wouldn’t do it themselves. But, if someone else did it, they surely to God would not cry in their beer.

As the gyre widens and widens, the institution known as the Republican Party will distill itself down to about one third of the population. From there, it will keep on distillin’. In all likelihood, 25 percent will be the lower bound.

They will hold a convention in 2024. They will probably nominate Donald Trump. Or, if he’s not up to running, it will be either Don Junior or Ivanka. Ain’t gonna be Cruz. Ain’t gonna be Hawley. Ain’t gonna be Tom Cotton. Ain’t gonna be Nikki Haley.

As for Messrs. Cotton, Cruz, and Hawley, and Ms. Haley, more fools they.

As someone said, this crowd wants the Trump, the whole Trump, and nothing but the Trump.

Messrs. Cotton, Cruz, and Hawley, and Ms. Haley are selling their souls for a mess of pottage. They really should get a clue, not to mention getting a life.  If you are going to sell your soul, try to get more for it than a bowl of lentil stew.