Inmates and Asylums: The State Republican Party Organizations Descend into Madness

Just for laughs, I checked out the Georgia Republican Party website, to see whether the inmates had yet taken over the asylum. Apparently not. But I am happy to report that the site is an abundant source of objective news. Mi favorito? “Warnock, Ossoff Team Caught Trying to Steal Christmas.” (No, I don’t plan to read the article. If you want the story behind this arresting headline, you will just have to read it for yourself.”

But I am glad to say that if anyone stole any recent Georgia elections, word of this disturbing development has not yet come to

Things are different over in Arizona, where the inmates have taken over the party machinery and formally censured the Republican governor for not stealing the election on their behalf. The N.Y. Times tells us that things are not looking good for Republicans in the 2022 Senate race, where current Governor Ducey hopes—or had hoped, at any rate—to challenge the Democratic incumbent, Mark Kelly. (Another point to add to my observations on the 2022 Senate elections.)

Out in Oregon, the state Republican Party is crazier yet—having decided that the January 6 insurrection consisted of Democrats, acting like Nazis, dressing up as MAGA folk to do a false flag operation.